A New York native, Lawrence spent his formative years focused more on music than writing. He played the contrabass for around seven years in both orchestras and jazz bands as well as bass guitar for a metal band (which had many, many names). In fact, Lawrence owes this metal band a lot when it comes to personal growth, for being on stage with talented musicians and friends like Avi Blum unleashed a passion in Lawrence he had not previously felt before.

During his time with the band, Lawrence wrote the majority of the band’s lyrics, which pushed him to become more educated about writing and, more specifically, poetry. The large instrument would have to be put away for a while as Lawrence traveled over 350 miles west towards Pittsburgh to pursue a degree in Creative Writing, which he earned along with a Related Area in Computer Science in 2012.

As Lawrence was studying poetry in college, he learned to channel that musical spirit within his written work. He utilizes his poetic skills within all of his endeavors, bringing a unique flavor and style to his creations regardless of the medium.

Since then, Lawrence has been a part of countless projects, both with others and on his own, while remaining in Pittsburgh with wife Katie. Many of these projects, which range from video game work to comic books to poetry and more, can be found here. Feel free to explore and take in the work here. If you wish to contact Lawrence, please do so! Most importantly: